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Our approach to customer experience is rooted in purpose, data and technology. We use a framework that focuses on the entire user journey to unlock insights to build game-changing customer experiences. Exceptional engagement drives long-term success and delivers enhanced value and sustainable growth.

Your business challenge

In today's marketplace, organizations must adapt to conflicting customer needs to stay relevant. Emerging technologies, heightened customer expectations for personalized experiences across all industries and shareholder demand to create loyalty have forced organizations to ask the following questions:

  • Embrace digital transformation: How can we align technology and processes to deliver a frictionless and personalized digital experience?
  • Foster trusted customer connections: How can we better understand customers’ needs and preferences, and create experiences that generate trust, loyalty and long-term relationships?
  • Prioritize agility and flexibility: How can we adapt quickly and efficiently to changing circumstances while also fostering a culture of innovation and experimentation with new CX strategies?
  • Keep pace with new technology: How can we stay up to date with the latest innovations and invest in technologies that help us deliver improved products, services, and personalized experiences?
  • Enhance employee engagement: How can we better connect employees with our business purpose and improve engagement?

Amid rapidly shifting consumer behavior, fluctuating economic conditions and evolving geopolitical issues, delivering personalized experiences at scale is a key differentiator for companies. Those who succeed are better able to weather uncertainties and have positioned themselves for long-term growth and success.

Solution benefits

EY teams work alongside you to design, prioritize and improve customer experiences that can set you apart in the market and accelerate growth, with benefits that include:

  • Generating innovation across the business and delivering exceptional customer experiences
  • Finding value by prioritizing customer experiences and fostering trust, loyalty and long-term customer value
  • Creating a culture that incorporates customer feedback, and continuously iterates and improves customer experiences
  • Investing in emerging technologies that can help future-proof your organization and deliver personalized customer experience

Solution features and functionality

  • Disruptive CX organization evolution

    At EY, we believe cutting-edge technology can transform and improve the customer experience — and that’s fundamental to enhancing customer and business value. Our solutions span every phase, from blueprint to activation. They include:

    • Omnichannel CX maturity diagnostics
      • Supporting your brand to understand how your omnichannel strategy is meeting your customers’ needs and expectations throughout the entire customer journey, from the moment they become aware of the company’s products or services to the post-purchase support stage.
    • Experiential segmentation and analysis
      • Helping you understand your customer segments amid increasing market complexity and conducting experience-led segmentation to help you target your most profitable customers.
    • CX and employee experience (EX) innovation architecture
      • Using a transformative approach merging customer experience and employee experience to drive innovation and exceptional CX outcomes.
    • CX simplification at scale
      • Driving simplification of your complex ecosystem of partners, services and products through disruptive technology.
    • CX 360 insights
      • Using surveys and existing metrics, such as CSAT and NPS, often draws an incomplete picture that lacks connection to the customer experience and fails to provide actionable insights. We’ll provide you with next-generation analytical tools to enable predictive signaling and provide cross-functional “next best actions” along your holistic customer journey.
  • Customer engagement innovation

    Innovative customer engagement is what sets brands apart in today’s complex business environment. Our cutting-edge solutions to help you retain and acquire customers include:

    • Customer engagement amplification
      • Supporting you to identify revenue growth and sustainability through customer acquisition, engagement and retention initiatives, reduced acquisition costs and increased customer lifetime value (LTV).
    • Next-generation loyalty ecosystems
      • Leveraging our experience on loyalty programs across a range of industries, we’ll help you integrate with existing systems and avoid challenges such as: lack of insight on KPIs; absence of customization and differentiation; and unexpected outcomes, e.g., customers becoming loyal to discounts vs. the brand. We’ll help you get the full benefit of conversion and sustainable growth.
  • Customer experience-as-a-service (CXaaS)

    Our innovative customer experience solution set is a modular one-stop shop: You choose only the elements that will deliver the most value for your business. We provide these solutions through either of our two delivery models:

    • Our CXaaS model is designed to provide a clear path to a differentiated experience for your customers.
    • We’ll work with you to rapidly integrate a team of CX subject matter resources into your organization and culture, helping you to quickly deploy the right customer experience solutions across the customer journey.
    • This model allows you to scale your CX resources up or down as required and avoid time-consuming procurement processes related to change requests.
  • Customer experience center of excellence (CX CoE)

    • Many businesses struggle to create and maintain a customer-centric culture. Often, companies have siloed departments and lack a unified strategy for delivering a consistent, high-quality customer experience.
    • As a result, the customer experience may vary widely across touchpoints, causing customer frustration and dissatisfaction.
    • Our CX CoE model involves building a team of experts from within your organization to focus on developing, implementing and measuring customer-centric initiatives. We’ll work alongside you to establish and implement a framework for designing, delivering and measuring customer experiences that aligns with your organization's business strategy.

Why EY

EY professionals and our world-class design and engineering network can help you solve the toughest CX challenges and transform your customer experience to create long-term, sustainable value for customers, employees, the business and society.

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